Feeling Blue: What is That Blue Liquid in a Porta Potty Anyway?


According to the Portable Sanitation Association International, portable restrooms save around 125 million gallons of fresh water every day. This is because you do not have to flush the restroom every time it is used. However, since the waste is not being flushed away, portable restroom providers need to take a proactive approach to managing potentially unpleasant smells.

flushing a closestool with blue waterIf you have ever dared to peek inside a portable restroom you may have noticed a blue liquid in the bottom of the tank. What is that blue liquid in a porta potty?

It actually has a very specific purpose. Since a working septic or sewer system is not always available, portable toilets have to find some other way to make foul-smelling waste tolerable for a somewhat prolonged amount of time. The blue liquid you find in the bottom of a portable toilet is a really, really powerful deodorizer with disinfectant properties meant to help combat the smells that are produced in a portable restroom. Portable restroom providers add that blue liquid to keep the restrooms smelling fresh over time.

porta-pottiesIn the past, formaldehyde was the deodorizer of choice. While formaldehyde-based deodorizers are still used in some circumstances, they have largely given way to more biodegradable and environmentally friendly formulas. The “greener” approach is to introduce beneficial enzymes and microbes that feed on odor-causing bacteria. There are even some biological additives that can speed up the decomposition of organic matter, including toilet paper, which means that tanks do not need to be emptied as often.

Be sure to say thank you to the underrated blue liquid that is hard at work to make your restroom experience as pleasant and environmentally friendly as possible. If you are interested in learning more about that not so mysterious blue liquid or anything else related to portable toilets and how to rent them for your next construction site or event, contact your Honey Bucket professional today at 800-444-2371.

What Kind of Porta Potty Do I Need for My Wedding?

brideYour wedding is going to be exactly as you have imagined…You have found the ideal, rustic location. The only problem is…the location doesn’t come with bathrooms. Although portable restroom rentals may not be on the top of your list, they are an important piece that can really make a huge difference in the comfort level for you and your guests.

Fortunately, you can rent luxury portable restrooms to serve your guests’ needs throughout your wedding and reception. Honey Bucket can deliver several different types of wedding-worthy portable restrooms that are sparkling clean and best-suited for an event as important and memorable as a wedding.

Plenty of Options

honey-bucket3Honey Bucket has a varie ty of options to suit every budget and location. There are individual portable restrooms that have flush units and sinks. There are also luxury restroom trailers that provide an “at home” experience and include running water, ample lighting, climate control, flushing toilets, and plenty of space. But first, here are a few things to consider.

  • Number of Guests. Hopefully, everyone has gotten their RSVPs in and you have a general idea of how many people will be attending your wedding. Honey Bucket’s number one rule is: be sure to have enough bathrooms for your guests. Renting the right number of restrooms is key to having a fantastic wedding instead of one that’s remembered for having really long lines for the bathroom.
  • Time. Think about how long your wedding will last. For shorter weddings, portable restrooms might not be used much. But if your wedding is going to be an all-night party where alcohol will be served, plan on people using the bathrooms frequently.
  • WeddingShelter2Location, location, location. Strategic placement of your portable restrooms is a must. Coordinate with your venue to find a flat surface that is easily accessible by truck and has access to water and power. The portable restrooms should be located in an area that can be readily accessible, but not in full view of guests or the dining area. We always recommend that you make sure the bathrooms are not too far from the festivities and that the path to the restrooms is covered (just in case it rains).
  • IMG_6536Beautify. Regardless of whether you decide on basic porta potties or a luxury restroom trailer, do not leave them without some special wedding decor. Cover the front and sides of the luxury portable restroom trailer with tall trees or shrubs to camouflage the exterior. Add meaningful details such as flowers, toiletry baskets, pretty soaps, and candles to the interiors. Have fun with it. Adding a few nice details inside the porta potty can add that touch of elegance that your guests will not soon forget.

Our wide range of options can fit every wedding location and budget. Feeling overwhelmed with planning your special event? No need to fret.

Say YES to Honey Bucket’s professional special events experts, call them today at 800-444-2371. They will help you determine what options best suit your needs and will have you and your wedding guests living happily ever after. Let Honey Bucket make your special day spectacular!


Honey Bucket Costume

Did you get roped into going to a last-minute Halloween party? Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for that perfect costume idea. Here’s a quick and easy costume that will definitely turn some heads and not take much time at all to make and you can do it for under $20!

Honey Bucket Costume

SUPPLIES: supplies

  • (1) 5’x7’ tarp – silver
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • Cardboard box
  • Duct tape – silver and white (or clear)
  • Plastic bottle
  • Honey Bucket stickers (3)
  • Elastic strap
  • Foam board

box_steps 1. Cut box and resize to make all side panels the same width, then reassemble using duct tape at the seams. Add reinforcement strips of tape around the center of your box to keep if sturdy.

corners 2. Lay your reconstructed box on top of the tarp and begin to fold the edge of the tarp over to the inside of the box. Tape each edge as you go until the outside has been completely wrapped. Cut off the excess tarp material and secure with a strip of tape spanning the length of the box.

Honey Bucket Halloween costume 3. Decorate the front of your Honey Bucket to look like a door. Add a green painted semi-circle and finish it off with a few official Honey Bucket door decals found at honeybucket.com (Use coupon code TRICKORTREAT to get FREE Honey Bucket stickers for your costume. Be sure to place your order by 10/24/16 to ensure your stickers will arrive on time).

4. To add shoulder straps so you can wear your costume, simply place two pieces of duct tape together for each strap and attach in place at the front and back of the box using a few more strips of tape.

Part 2 – ROOF

roof_stepsbottle1. Lay out your foam board and mark the fold lines for your roof. Use the box cutter to score the foam board so you can fold it. Caution: Do not cut all the way through the board.
2. Continue scoring and folding the roof line until you have all the angles needed to create the roof. (See photos)
3. Use clear or white tape to set the roof angles in place. We decided to tape the entire roof to give it a more uniform look.
4. Cut two small hole on either side of where your head will go and string the elastic band through to make a chin strap.
5. To finish your Honey Bucket, cut the top and bottom of your plastic bottle and wrap it in grey duct tape to create your air vent. Attach to the roof using clear or white tape.

That’s it! You’ve created a unique costume, positioned yourself comfortably to win first prize at every costume contest you wander into, and managed not to break the bank.

Click here for your FREE Honey Bucket costume stickers.

Use the code TRICKORTREAT to receive discount

Where To Go After You Go For the Gold

special events port a pottyThe 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio are almost over, and it may have gotten you a little curious about what goes on behind the scenes. How much planning actually goes in to portable restrooms for an event with so many people attending? In 2002 we were given the task of providing enough restrooms, sinks, and trailer units to accommodate thousands of spectators for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah. For all sizes of events, big and small, we’ve developed a recipe for success: experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, entrepreneurial spirit, and respect and dedication for the success of the team. Here’s how we put all of those things into action to make the portable restroom setup for the 2002 Winter Olympics a great experience for all.

Experienced Personnel

portable restroom rentalsFor the 2002 Winter Olympics, Honey Bucket teamed up with four other portable sanitation companies to form A Company 02, LLC. By combining resources, we were able to assemble a “super group” of experienced professionals who were able to tackle this massive event. Unlike the warm, humid conditions at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, our team faced the challenge of preventing our portable sanitation units from freezing in avearage temperatures as low as 25°F. Planning for the Winter Olympics began in spring of 2001 and by mid-year, Ron Inman, VP of Honey Bucket became Project Manager for A Company 02. At that point we were organizing and gathering equipment and crew members. Overall, we had 2,600 portable toilets and 82 team members on board for the event.

State of the Art Equipment

sporting event restroomsAll of the units for the event were purchased and shipped to Utah, and then began the process of assembling each portable toilet by hand. Once we had all the units built, they were loaded onto custom built double-wide trailers to be delivered to each of the event sites. At the peak of the 2002 Winter Olympics, we had approximately 25 pump trucks and 42 other vehicles, a lot of which were brand new, dedicated for use during the event. Our crews worked around the clock and through the night to do an average of 1,650 services per day. That amounted to about 30,000 services and 1,700,000 gallons of waste water during the Olympic Games.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

portapotty rentalsThere were quite a few challenges that our team had to face in order to make this event a success. A lot of ingenuity and critical thinking was needed to jump these hurdles. Ron and the other team managers applied their skills and experience as entrepreneurs to do just that. There was a lot involved with placement of the portable sanitation. Since there were 13 venues for the Winter Olympics, all the units had to be strategically placed based on each location. Once the portable toilets were placed, the next challenge was making sure that all the units could be serviced. outdoor porta potty rentalsSome of the areas were too steep and slippery for our standard pump trucks so we instead put a tank on an all-terrain tracked vehicle to more easily access our units on the steep slopes. We also rigged up a system that utilized a central pump inside one of the portable toilets up on the hill and used a series of hoses, which allowed us to pump waste back down the hill to the pump truck at the bottom. Every site is a little different and presented unique challenges. That’s where proper planning and the entrepreneurial spirit really comes into play.

Respect and Dedication

Our team’s success was the main priority and a major key to having a successful event. Each of the five businesses that made up A Company 02, LLC contributed their equipment and services as equally as possible to ensure we had everything we needed for the event. Our command team was a 24 hour operation with managers from each company supervising and controlling any and all issues that could possibly occur at any given moment. Also, because the 2002 Winter Olympic Games began just months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, everyone involved with the event was on high alert. We were all given special clearance passes as security was very tight, and we were subject to random searches. Our team worked closely with officials and we showed we could operate with efficiency even under the pressure of this high profile atmosphere.

At first glance, a portable toilet might seem like a common occurrence, but it really goes way beyond just putting a plastic unit at an event. We plan out and organize each area where portable toilets are to be placed, we assemble our team and equipment to properly service the restrooms on a consistent schedule, and do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Experienced personnel, state of the art equipment, entrepreneurial spirit, and respect and dedication for the success of the team really is how we are able to take on a large scale project like providing portable sanitation for thousands of people for weeks at a time and be successful with it.

What guidelines are there for the winter season?

Portable restroom in  snowRegardless of the weather, people still need to use the restroom. There are many people who enjoy the cold and having a porta potty can be especially useful during winter construction, winter sports, and even camping in the winter weather. Honey Bucket is here all year long to help so as the winter season rapidly approaches, these quick and easy tips can help keep your portable restroom a little more bearable during these chilly winter months.

Location, Location, Location. When it comes to placing your portable restroom in the right spot there are a few important factors to consider. Portable restrooms should be easily accessible, preferably close to a road or paved area. Be sure to salt around the restroom to prevent accidents and to help keep the restroom from freezing to the ground. Keep them away from areas that may be plowed in and away from muddy areas where service vehicles may get stuck. Our Honey Bucket professionals recommend placing the portable restroom in a spot clear of snowdrifts so the unit avoids damage and remains serviceable.

A Little Extra TLC. The winter months often require more frequent servicing, especially during extra-cold weather. A tank is not near as likely to freeze if it’s properly serviced. Weekly service will ensure winterization procedures are effectively maintained and the restroom itself will be cleaner. With a little TLC your portable restroom will continue to provide construction workers and/or event patrons with a convenient and worry-free restroom no matter the season.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine. If your jobsite has a large garage or an enclosed shelter nearby, you may want to consider bringing your restroom indoors (keeping in mind the restrooms venting). If not, placing your portable restroom in a sunny spot may be the next best thing. It’s amazing what a little solar warming can do. When an indoor location is not available, the sunshine can warm the outer walls of your restroom, which can radiate heat inside of the restroom unit.

Keep It From Blowin’ In The Wind. Winter wind chills can be downright paralyzing. To combat this, Honey Bucket recommends placing your restroom on the side of a building, fence, wall, or other structure to help act as a barrier and shield the unit from bitter winds. Be mindful that strong winds can easily blow portable restrooms over – creating an unexpected and messy dilemma for both you and your guests.

Room for Space. Our luxury restroom trailers are very spacious – allowing guests of all sizes to use them. This is great during the winter months when everyone is wearing extra winter gear like bulky sweatshirts, jackets, vests, and scarves. Your guests will be able to use these spacious luxury restrooms and appreciate the extra space to do so comfortably.

At Honey Bucket, our employees work hard year-round to ensure a positive experience for all of our customers. Our customer service professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have about portable restroom rentals or cold weather operation. Please contact us at (800) 444-2371 or online here. Honey Bucket wishes you a safe winter and hopes you stay warm!